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A Zebra Diagnosis Unveiled After Years of Symptoms

Thursday, September 7, 2017  
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Her Weight Loss And Pain Looked Like Cancer. The Real Reason Was Hidden For Years

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The Washington Post

But in August 2015, before she made a gastroenterology appointment, Wells experienced an unnerving episode. Her left leg and lower lip suddenly went numb, and her tongue began tingling. Wells said she didn’t think she was having a stroke because she could think clearly; the symptoms abated within hours. She saw a neurologist, who suspected multiple sclerosis or a vitamin B deficiency, both of which were soon ruled out. But a nerve conduction test, which uses electrodes attached to the skin to assess damage, showed decreased rates of nerve conduction in her left leg and both feet.

Because no underlying cause could be found, Wells was diagnosed with idiopathic degenerative neuropathy — nerve deterioration for no apparent reason — and advised to stay physically active to preserve muscle function.

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