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Membership with PME will allow you to enter a community of providers that are dedicated to learning and thinking outside the box in a world where current medical crises necessitate better approaches. We created this community so we could provide a non-commercial forum for clinicians to access new research, reveal ideas, share information, and open a discussion about the most effective, least harmful ways to treat patients. In short, to fuel a revolution in thinking about healing. 

Membership is open to licensed providers of all forms of medicine: NDs, LAcs, MDs, DOs, PAs, RNs, CCNs, etc.

Called by many names - complementary, alternative, functional, or integrative medicine - and supported by a foundation of theory and practice that is as much as 5000 years old, this is the medicine of the future. But we can't wait for the future, we need it now. 

Members who are seeking like-minded providers and those who need to access the wisdom of our member/faculty or simply want to share their successes in treating difficult patients are welcome. 


Membership Options


Annual Professional Membership - $295

Member Benefits Include: 

  • Open to licensed physicians and healthcare professionals
  • Special pricing on event registration and online store purchases
  • Discounts to partner organization subscriptions and membership
    • InnoVision Digital Journals 
    • CrinnionOpinion
  • Your online store purchases, copies of event recordings (with registration), and CE certificates will be archived in your PME profile
    • No expiration dates
    • No view limits
    • Available 24/7
  • Receive access to 15 unique webinars totaling 28 hours of CE



Select Your Membership Type:

  Professional Membership - MD/DO

  Professional Membership - ND

  Professional Membership - Nurse Practitioner

  Professional Membership - LA.c

  Professional Membership - Healthcare Provider 

Webinars Included with Professional Membership

Environmental Medicine

Air & Water Quality
General Principles of Toxicant Exposure
Maternal-Fetal Transference of Toxins 
Health & Environmental Impacts of Fracking
Other Problematic Metals in Clinical Practice


Probiotics in Clinical Practice: Scientific Evidence vs. Marketing Hype 
The Use of Probiotics in Yeast Vaginitis & Bacterial Vaginosis
Biofilms, Antibiotic Resistance, and Chronic Disease
The Role of Gut Barrier Function in Health & Disease
Functional Medicine Testing & Treatment Protocols for IBS, Pt. 1 & 2


Antibiotics: Clinical Selection, Update on Resistance,
and Co-Management with Botanicals

Intro Lectures

Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
LDI Therapy

30-Day Trial Membership

Get to know us before committing to a whole year. We understand we just met but this could be the start of a good thing! 

Trial Benefits Include:

  • Member pricing for online store purchases
  • Access to member resources list 
  • Archived online store purchases and copies of event recordings (with registration)
  • CE transcript and copies of certificates

Start your 30-day trial 


Guest Profile - Free

Let's keep things simple.  

Guest Benefits Include:

  • Archived online store purchases and copies of event recordings (with registration)
  • CE transcript and copies of certificates

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