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Membership with PME will allow you to enter a community of providers that are dedicated to learning and thinking outside the box in a world where current medical crises necessitate better approaches. We created this community so we could provide a non-commercial forum for clinicians to access new research, reveal ideas, share information, and open a discussion about the most effective, least harmful ways to treat patients. In short, to fuel a revolution in thinking about healing.  



Features & Benefits Exclusive to TAP Members: 

  • 6 month free trial membership  
  • 30% off on online store purchases & live event registration fees during trial membership period*
  • Free webinar recordings and CE certificates
  • Access to physician resources 
  • Archive and print CE certificates 
  • Access to groups and community forums
  • Reduced annual professional membership fees, pay only $199 at time of renewal 


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*Restrictions apply. Not available on all AUEMC, BHRT, LDI, and SNP recordings.