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About PME
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About PME

Progressive Medical Education is a medical education organization that specializes in integrative and environmental medicine for the purpose of expanding physicians and health care providers knowledge of health, medical conditions and treatment options with the goal of improving their clinical practice and patient outcomes.

Progressive Medical Education is a service created by integrative healthcare providers for any provider interested in integrative and alternative medicine. In addition to working as clinicians for many years, we have worked in the field of continuing medical education, coordinating international conferences and lecturing to providers from the fields of integrative medicine, naturopathic medicine, and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). 


We have listened to requests from providers who have asked us "How can I access the latest information in my field without leaving my practice to travel?"


This site provides access to online education for medical providers on-the-go without the expense of leaving your home or office. We have chosen the best clinicians working in the area of their specialty.