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AUEMC 2015: Toxic Metal Summit

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Annual Updates in Environmental Medicine Conference
Pre-Conference Toxic Metal Summit

Don't just know about toxic metals, become a master...

We are all aware of the basic toxic effects of metals that are present in all of our patients, our families and ourselves. Many clinicians are trying to assess the levels of toxic metals in their patients, hoping to find out if these toxic metals are causative for their patient’s health problems or an obstacle to cure. If you are one of these clinicians, this pre-conference day is for you.

Faculty & Lecture Topics

Lyn Patrick, ND

Walter Crinnion, ND


David Quig, PhD


Dorothy Merritt, MD

Russell Jaffe, MD, PhD


Walter Crinnion, ND 

Challenges & Solutions: An overview of how heavy metal treatment has evolved
and how the approach we are introducing will serve as the solution
0.25 General Credit Hours 

Interpreting urine and blood levels for toxic metal exposure assessment, part 2
1.00 General Credit Hours

David Quig, PhD
Optimizing the assessment of toxic element retention
1.75 General Credit Hours 

Lyn Patrick, ND
Interpreting urine and blood levels for toxic metal exposure assessment, part 1
1.50 General Credit Hours

Dorothy Merritt, MD
Actionable levels for lead toxicity initiating and managing lead chelation
1.00 General Credit Hours

Russell Jaffe, MD, PhD 
The link between immunology and toxic metals
Sponsored Session 


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What this pre-conference day is NOT going to provide you with:

  • It is not a rehash of why lead, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium are bad, we all know that. However, we are going to help you understand the published literature to know that "actionable levels" for these metals may be different than your lab's reference range 
  • It is not trying to make all your patients environmental problems linked to a few easy-to-spot heavy metals
  • It will not offer overly simplistic protocols that could easily lead to problems for you or your patients

What this pre-conference day IS going to provide you with:

  • An accurate picture of the medical-legal challenges facing physicians who use urinary toxic metal assessment, diagnosis, and treatment in their practices
  • A methodology of metal assessment and interpretation based on the medical literature to determine "actionable-levels" for lead, arsenic, mercury, and cadmium, in both pre and post challenge urine tests
  • Identifying information on toxic metals (including actionable levels) that are becoming increasingly common in the population (cobalt, chromium, thallium)
  • information on situations in which the use of urine assessment for metals exposure would create false negative and false positive tests
  • A protocol including appropriate history, physical exam and labwork to determine when toxic metals assessment is appropriate AND how to properly utilize all that info to help provide an accurate interpretation of the test results

Purchase Includes: 

  • 60-day access to recording
  • Lecture slides and handouts (if applicable) are yours to keep
  • CE Certificates - 7.00 General Credit Hours by the Oregon Board of Naturopathic Medicine (OBNM)
  • **PME member or guest account required for access to recordings and to print CE certificates**