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Integrating Functional Hormonal Testing Into Practice - Full Series

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In 2014 Progressive Medical Education, in collaboration with Detox Inc and Dr. Corene Humphreys, presented a 3-day seminar in Hormones, Supplements, and a Functional Medicine Approach to Clinical Condition. Before a live audience of clinicians, Dr. Humphreys reviewed both laboratory testing and treatment approaches for hormonal issues, sleep disorders, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, and stress-related disorders.

The program was presented in English and translated to Japanese by a team of medical translators. The sessions are available for purchase individually or as a full series and include unlimited access to the recordings and handouts, and certificate of completion.




 Purchase Includes: 


  • Unlimited views of recordings
  • Lecture slides and handouts (if available) are yours to keep
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Access to webinar recording is available with an active PME membership
  • 録音された講義内容への無制限のアクセス
  • 講義のスライド、配布資料の保持
  • 修了証
  • ウェビナーへのアクセス(PME会員)

Assessing Hormone Status | Adrenal Function | Understanding Insomnia


Includes over 5 hours of presentation on the following topics: 

  • Assessment and interpretation of hormone status using blood, urine and saliva
  • The effects of cortisol, predinisone, and hydrocortisone on hormone metabolism
  • How to use nutritional supplementation and herbs to support adrenal function
  • Hormonal, lifestyle and metabolic function as causative factors in insomnia
  • Questions and discussion with the physicians in attendance at the live event


  • 血液、尿、唾液を用いたホルモン検査の評価と解釈方法
  • コルチゾール、プレドニゾン、そしてヒドロコルチゾンのホルモン代謝への影響
  • 副腎機能をサポートする為の栄養サプリメントとハーブの使用方法
  • 不眠の原因因子となるホルモン機能、生活習慣、代謝機能
  • 質疑応答

Optimal Thyroid Function | Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Prescribing


Includes over 5 hours of presentation on the following topics: 

  • Defining healthy thyroid metabolism and the role of nutrients (including iodine) and herbs in supporting optimal thyroid function
  • BHRT: Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy - how to translate standard pharmaceutical hormone prescribing to the optimally absorbed forms of bioidenticals with dosing guidelines for estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone
  • Questions and discussion with the physicians in attendance at the live event


  • 健常な甲状腺代謝の定義と栄養素(ヨウ素を含む)の役割
  • BHRT: 天然型ホルモン補充療法・標準的なホルモンの調剤処方。 エストロゲン、プロゲステロン、テストステロンの投与量ガイドライン。 天然型ホルモンの吸収形態の最適化。
  • 質疑応答

Evaluating Estrogen Metabolism and

Orthomolecular Protocols to Support Healthy Estrogen Metabolism


Includes over 5 hours of presentation on the following topics: 

  • Understanding laboratory evaluation of estrogen metabolism and implications for risk and prevention of hormonal cancer in women
  • Utilizing orthomolecular protocols that include nutraceuticals and herbs in addressing of carcinogenic estrogen pathways and supporting BHRT therapy
  • Case reviews involving laboratory testing and treating hormonal imbalances


  • 尿検査による女性エストロゲン代謝の評価とホルモン依存性腫瘍リスクと予防の導入方法
  • 発癌性エストロゲン経路に対し、天然型ホルモン療法を支援する栄養療法およびハーブを含んだオーソモレキュラープロトコールの活用
  • 機能性医療検査結果に基づくホルモンバランスの治療に関するケースレビュー


Corene Humphreys, B.H.Sc., ND

コレン・ハンフリーズ B.H.Sc.、ND

Corene Humphreys received her qualifications in Medical Microbiology from the New Zealand Institute of Medical Laboratory Technology and her ND from the South Pacific College of Natural Therapeutics. She has since worked in private and public microbiology laboratories around the world and when residing in the U.S., headed the Gastroenterology Research Department at Genova Diagnostics Lab. She has lectured internationally and acted as a consultant for functional medicine practices and companies striving to develop probiotic products.

She is currently faculty for Wellpark College in Auckland, New Zealand where she teaches microbiology and functional medicine and is the Founder and Medical Director of Nutritional Medicine Ltd., an international consulting and development firm in the business of developing natural evidence-based products and teaching functional medicine.







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